Einweihung Faehre

The Dettendorfer family history can be traced back to the year 1166. Even in those days, the Dettendorfer family, mainly consisting of farmers and River Inn boatsmen, was resident in Nussdorf am Inn and carried out transport to as far away as Vienna, Budapest and the Black Sea using their flat-bottomed, pointed-prowed River Inn barges.

In 1825, the freight-forwarding company ‘Dettendorfer Spedition’ was founded and a remarkable success story took its course. The company has always understood that it continually needs to adapt to change. During the second half of the 20th century, the transport company Dettendorfer gradually grew, finally reaching the size it is today. During this period of rapid growth, however, the company’s roots as a traditional Bavarian company were never overlooked or forgotten.

The development:

  • 1166 First mention 
  • 1929 First truck
  • 1980 Start of freight forwarding activities
  • 1982 Establishment of the Dettendorfer company band
  • 1990 Purchase of Kraftverkehr Eberswalde
  • 1991 Foundation of Dettendorfer Hamburg
  • 1995 Foundation of Dettendorfer Wertstoff
  • 1996 Foundation of Dettendorfer Stahllager
  • 1999 Foundation of Dettendorfer Verona
  • 2000 Relocation from Haus to Tiefenbach
  • 2005 Foundation of Dettendorfer Deizisau
  • 2006 Foundation of Dettendorfer Polska
  • 2008 Foundation of Kiefersfelden logistics park
  • 2008 Foundation of HOLZ ARENA Rosenheim
  • 2013 Foundation of Dettendorfer Rohstoff
  • 2013 Foundation of Dettendorfer A-Erl
  • 2015 Takeover Inntaler Logistik-Park A-Kufstein
  • 2015 Opening Dettendorfer Landshut 
  • 2016 Takeover Grünfuttertrocknung Bruckmühl